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Vision System, high quality precision
Machinery equipped with the
Most advanced technology
brought To you by
Dongwon Precision Co., Ltd.
  • Rugged Display & Panel PC

    Extreme Technologies

    • Rugged displays ranging in size from 3ATI to 26” (command and control applications)
    • Fully sealed, fanless design (IP65, IP67, IP68)
    • Sunlight readability by increase luminance, reflection reduction coating and optical bonding
    • Surface heater control system for quick start-up in cold conditions
    • LED, CCFL backlight with high dimming ratio
    • PCAP Touch screen, Pointing device and enable/disable button on the bezel
    • Programmable illuminated function keys
    • Isolated RS422, CAN communication ports
    • Low weight and slim design, innovative thermal management system

    Certified Military Standard

    • MIL-STD-810G : Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests
    • MIL-STD-461F : Requirements for the control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of subsystems and equipment
    • MIL-S-901D : Shock Tests, H.I.(High-Impact) Shipboard Machinery, Equipment, and Systems, Requirements for
    • MIL-STD-1275D : Characteristics of 28 volt DC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles
    • IEC 60529 : Degrees of Protection provided by Enclosures(IP CODE)